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23-24 information Session

23-24 MAJS Information Session PPT



2023 Erimono (Japanese paper carving) Workshop & Learning of Takachiho Yokagura (高千穂夜神楽) originated from Miyazaki prefecture

Have you heard of a Japanese paper carve called “Erimono”? It is an unique Japanese paper carvings decorated on the square stage “Konawa”(神庭), where the scared “Yokagura”( 夜神楽)* dance was performed. “Erimono” art piece represents good luck and has a variety of designs, such as the cosmic dual forces (yin and yang) ,the five elements, and the twelve Chinese zodiac signs.
MAJS is honoured to have Mr. Ueki, the Managing Director of Miyazaki Prefectural(宮崎県)Hong Kong Representative Office, as the “Erimono” instructor and shared with us the traditional culture, the myths, the art pieces , the food, and scenery from Miyazaki.
MAJS students enjoyed creating their own colourful paper carvings and were excited to learn more about Japanese culture outside classroom! 😊

*“Yokagura” , originated from Takachiho (高千穂) in Miyazaki prefecture, renowned as the birthplace of Japanese mythology, is a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property in Japan .


Group Photo

Mr. Ueki, Managing Director of the Miyazaki Prefectural HK Representative Office(Right) and Prof. Nakano (Left)





Erimono, the beautiful Japanese paper carving art


2023 Experience Japanese traditional instrument - Shamisen

Shamisen is a traditional three-stringed instrument which is believed to be originated from Ryukyu Kingdom (Okinawa).

It can be served as an accompaniment to kabuki drama and narrative shows or played as a solo instrument.

In this activity, our Shamisen instructor, Mr. Kenneth Mak, who is currently a jun-natori (準名取), has introduced the history of Tsugaru shamisen<津軽三味線>, which is deeply tied to the Tsugaru region of Aomori Prefecture.

MAJS students were thrilled to play Shamisen with great success! It was some rare and unforgettable experiences!




Experience Japanese traditional instrument


2023 Japanese Origami Workshop

Japanese Origami is a Japanese traditional paper craft, and the term ‘origami’ refers to the art of folding paper to shape objects for entertainment purposes.

MAJS is honoured to invite an experienced Origami instructor – Ms. Misaki NAGAOKA, to host this workshop.

This is some precious and relaxing cultural experiences outside classrooms.

Our students learnt about the background knowledge of Origami and created their own beautiful and unique masterpieces!


Japanese Origami


Ms. Misaki NAGAOKA host this workshop


Ms. Misaki NAGAOKA taught Japanese Origami



[Fall 2023 Admission] Information Session for MA (Taught Master) Programme in Japanese Studies (part-time)

Dear Prospective Students,

Are you highly intrigued by Japanese culture, society, and language? Are you mesmerized by Japanese historical, intellectual and visual landscapes? Are you thinking of furthering your studies or career in ways that are related to Japan? If so, the MA Programme in Japanese Studies maybe the right programme for you!

If you would like to explore more, please join our INFORMATION SESSION! The Programme director will introduce the programme details and MA students will be sharing their study experiences.  ALL ARE WELCOME!

Please register here :

We look forward to meeting all of you! Thank you very much!

Information Session for MA poster

2022 Japanese Budo Festival

Japanese Budo Festival is one of the programme events in “Japan Autumn Festival in Hong Kong – Rediscovering Nippon 2022”.
Thanks to one of our MA students, Mr. Alex Cheung, who possess in-depth knowledge in Japanese martial arts, has offered some free tickets exclusively for our fellow MA students to enjoy various Budo performances.
It was an exhilarating and valuable experience to our students!

Notes: There were 4 Japanese martial arts entities participating in the Budo Festival –


The photo with 3 people

Mr. Alex Cheung (Middle) has kindly offered the entry tickets.


The photo with kids

Little Karate experts from 「橋治會」preparing for the performance.


22-23 Campus Tour

Here comes the first activity organized by MAJS student representatives!

A Campus Tour was held on 17th Sept 2022 especially for newly admitted year-one students.

Through this, they become acquainted with each other and the campus, thus contributing to their fulfilling study period.

Applause for our students’ effort to organize and run this tour!



22-23 Campus Tour Map


22-23 Campus Tour


2022 Orientation Meeting

The 2022 Orientation Meeting was held on 3 September 2022. Thank you for our students’ participation! Our Programme Director, Professor Lynne Nakano, has given a brief introduction of the MA programme and other points to note. We are very much delighted to meet with Year 1 new students, and are truly thankful to MAJS student representatives, alumni and current Year 2 students who has generously shared their study experiences.

This year, MAJS is celebrating our 10th Anniversary. It’s a pity that, due to continuing pandemic, we are not able to gather for any reception party.

In view of this, we have prepared a small gift to all participants on that day.

We hope students have benefited from the Orientation and would like the gift! ?


2022 Orientation Meeting


Prof. Lynne Nakano

MAJS Programme Director: Prof. Lynne Nakano


Small Gift

A small gift to the participants