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On March 23-24, the Department of Japanese Studies (CUHK) successfully hosted the international conference “Generative Artificial Intelligence for Teaching Languages Other Than English (LOTE)” at Yasumoto International Academic Park. This event marked a significant convergence of experts and academics to discuss inclusive teaching practices in AI-integrated language learning, as well as ethical issues and linguistic challenges associated with the use of AI tools.


The conference featured a series of presentations that explored the transformative impact of generative AI on the language learning environment. Speakers highlighted both the potential benefits and the challenges associated with the adoption of AI technologies in educational settings. The consensus among the speakers was the need for continued exploration of AI-driven pedagogical strategies, the creation of AI-integrated learning platforms, and a re-evaluation of the role of the educator within technology-enhanced learning spaces.


Distinguished speakers at the conference included Prof. Lee Jea-ho from Waseda University, Prof. Yamada Tomohisa from Seinan Gakuin University, Prof. Minematsu Nobuaki and Ms. Aiba Mayuko from the University of Tokyo, Prof. Koyama Satoru from Kyushu University, Dr. Hirata Masayuki from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Dr. Sato Shinji from Princeton University, Prof. Tseng Chiu-kuei from Tamkang University, Prof. Kenko Hiroaki from Far East University, Dr. Tomoko Akashi from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Dr. Reijiro Aoyama from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


The event was well received, with many attendees both in person and online, reflecting the growing interest in the field of AI-assisted language learning.