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Postgraduate Students’ Research


Students Research Topics Supervisor
CHIU, Wai Keung (Aiden) Fandom in the Digital Age: The Online Consumption of Japanese Virtual YouTubers Professor Nana Okura Gagne
JIANG, Keyi Clashing Asianisms: Li Dazhao and Yoshino Sakuzō in China-Japan Relations Professor Jeremy Yellen
CAIRNS-DORAN, David Alexander Journey to the Clouds: The Practical and Ritual Dimensions of Mountain Use in Japan Professor Lynne Nakano
Students Research Topics Supervisor
TAN, Tiantian (Tina) The Localization of Confucian Funeral Rituals in Edo Japan Prof. Ng Wai Ming
LAM, Pui Lim (Anson) Japanese Theatre in Modern Hong Kong (1980-2019) : A Historical and Anthropological Study Prof. Ng Wai Ming
Students Research Topics Supervisor
SIU, Ho Ming Jacky Shintō – Confucian Syncretism in Hayashi Razan’s Thought Prof. Ng Wai Ming
TU, Shiu Hong Simon Revitalizing Japan’s Periphery through an International Art Festival: A Multi-Sited Ethnography of the Setouchi Triennale Prof. Lynne Nakano
WU, Zeduan (Duan) A Contrastive Study on Chinese and Japanese Degree-Modifying Strategies in Complaint Prof. Ho Chi Ming
Students Research Topics Supervisor
LO, Chun Man (Rico) Acquisition of Japanese conditional by Hong Kong Japanese learners – From elementary to advanced level Prof. Ho Chi Ming
LEE, Wai Kim (William) On Localization of Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Edo Japan: Case studies on Tsūzoku sangokushi, Ehon Tsūzoku sangokushi, and Fuzoku sangokushi Prof. Ng Wai Ming
Students Research Topics Supervisor
FAN, Ching Wan, Cirrus (Kumo) Cheer Groups (Ōendan) in Japanese Universities: Finding Meaning through Discipline, Commitment and Performance Prof. Lynne Nakano
DING, Yiruo (Stella) Kyokutei Bakin and The Chinese Four Great Masterpieces Prof. Ng Wai Ming
LEUNG, Ming Tak Ernest The Role of State Socialism in Early Developmentalist East Asia: Nishihara Kamezō’s ‘Strategy for Economic State-Building’ and Beyond Prof. Jeremy Yellen
Students Research Topics Supervisor
LIN, Chaochun (Chalyn) Honda Shigeyuki’s Study and Contribution on the History of Chinese Classics Prof. Ng Wai Ming
Students Research Topics Supervisor
SKUTLIN, John Michael Japan, Ink(ed): Tattooing as Decorative Body Modification in Japan Prof. Lynne Nakano
LEE, Wilson Wai Shing Learning from the Rising Sun: The Japanese Presence in Hong Kong in the 1970s and 1980s Prof. Ng Wai Ming
WONG, Yee Lam Elim Inheritance and the Transformation of the Cantonese Migrants in Yokohama Chinatown from the 1860s to the Present: A Case Study on Shatenki and the Xie Family Prof. Ng Wai Ming
LEE, Lok Hang Phoebe Lesbian Single Women in Tokyo: Identity, Relationships and Community in a Heteronormative Society Prof. Lynne Nakano
TOMSOVIC, Philip Devin The Emergence of Men’s Magazines in 1960s Japan Prof. Jeremy Yellen
Students Research Topics Supervisor
POON, Ka Tsun Keith Gendered Fantasies and Transcultural Fandoms: Japanese Boys’ Love Subculture in Hong Kong Prof. Lynne Nakano
Students Research Topics Supervisor
SUN Qing A New Generation of Young Female Chinese Migrants in Japan: A Study of their Motivations, Challenges, and Plans Prof. Lynne Nakano
CHI Chung-yen 日本帝國下日本與臺灣之治安法律比較研究:以臺灣人的法律地位為中心 Prof. Ng Wai Ming
TSANG Tsz Wai Japanese Elite Class Mothers in a Globalized World: A Study of Japanese Expatriate Mothers in Hong Kong Prof. Lynne Nakano
YAO Jie Images of Japan in the Ming Pao in the Last Two Decades (1994-2014) Prof. Ng Wai Ming
DING Yiruo 源義經在德川時代的歷史及文藝想像 Prof. Ng Wai Ming
Students Research Topics Supervisor
John M. SKUTLIN Turning Goth in Japan: Subcultural Identity, Ritual, and Self-Expression Prof. Lynne Nakano
TAM, Siu Man Reading Murakami Novels in Hong Kong : The Search for Meaning in an Advanced Capitalist Society Prof. Lynne Nakano
Students Research Topics Supervisor
LIN Chao Chun 岡倉天心的中國文化觀:形成, 內涵及亞洲主義的定位 Prof. Ng Wai MIng
WONG Yee Lam Chinese Education and Changing Cultural Identities among the Overseas Chinese in Modern Japan: A Study of Yokohama Overseas Chinese Women’s Association (YOCWA) in Yokohama Chinatown. Prof. Ng Wai Ming
Students Research Topics Supervisor
CHANG Haixia 中国中上级日语专业学生对于改定常用汉字的习得及认知情况 Prof. Ho Chi Ming
LEE Wai Shing 日治時期香港醫療衛生史的歷史考察: 以香港日報為主要參考 Prof. Ng Wai Ming
Students Research Topics Supervisor
CHENG Connie A Study of Hong Kong Young Adults Going to Japan on Prof. Ng Wai Ming
NG Ka Shing Soka Gakkai in Hong Kong: Localizing a Japanese New Religion in a Chinese Community Prof. Ng Wai Ming
Students Research Topics Supervisor
SUN Lin How Young People Find Meaning through Fandom and Consumer Culture Prof. Lynne Nakano
Students Research Topics Supervisor
WONG Yat Yu Perceptions of “the Other”: Overseas Experiences of Japanese and Chinese University Students Prof. Lynne Nakano
HE Xiao In Pursuit of Beauty, Pleasure, and Freedom: The Meanings of Cosplay for Hong Kong Young People Prof. Lynne Nakano
Students Research Topics Supervisor
IU Yiu Japanese Voice Goes Global and Local: Globalization and Localization of the Japanese Seiju Culture in an Asian Context Prof. Ng Wai Ming
WONG Ching Wa Alana Seeking Alternative Identities: Changing Masculinity among Fashionable Young Men in Hong Kong Prof. Lynne Nakano
Students Research Topics Supervisor
LAM Wing Sze Adventures in Hong Kong: Migration Decisions, Adaptations and Re-adaptations of Japanese Expatriate Wives Prof. Lynne Nakano


Current Postgraduate Research
(research topics are subject to change)


M.Phil Students Tentative Thesis Title/ Research Interests Supervisor
LEUNG, Po Yan (Adeline) On Virtuality, Reality, Fandom and Identities: The Role of Gaming in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan as illustrated through Meaning-making in Animal Crossing New Horizons
Professor Nana Okura Gagne


Ph.D. Students Tentative Thesis Title/ Research Interests Supervisor
HUANG, Ying (Wing) The Production and Consumption of Comics in Contemporary China: Globalization, the State and Popular Culture
Professor Lynne Nakano
LAU, Tsui Shuen (Chris) Homeland Creation: Travel and Japanese Nation-building in Global History, 1890s-1930s
鄉土構築:旅遊與全球史視覺下的日本國家建構 (1890-1930年代)
Professor Jeremy Yellen
LEUNG, Ming Tak Ernest Planism and the 'East Asian Miracle' - A Global Intellectual History
計劃主義與 ""東亞奇蹟"" - 一部環球的思想史
Professor Jeremy Yellen
KO, Wai Kwan Vivian The Meaning of Japanese Home Cooking: Culture, Identity, Gender, Family and Consumption
Professor Lynne Nakano
LIANG, Guang Study of Functions of Apologetic Expressions in Japanese Applying “Pragmatic Maps”
Professor Ho Chi Ming
WONG, Chun Hin (Michael) The Role of Yue (Musical) in Tokugawa Confucianism
Professor Ng Wai Ming
CHO, Chi Hang (Harry) The Impact of Mao Zedong Thought on Japan during the Cultural Revolution
Professor Ng Wai Ming
ZHANG, Jinjin (Kimie) Japan's Digital Future: How Blockchain Mediates Work, Life, and Community
Professor Lynne Nakano
WU, Ziming (Simon) Imperial History, the Interwar Period, Intellectual History, Political History, Environmental Studies, Urban History and Media Studies
Professor Jeremy Yellen
CHOW, Oi Wah (Peggy) The Difficulties of Learning Japanese Modality ((shi) souda and youda) for Hong Kong Japanese Language Learners
Professor Ho Chi Ming