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Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes of the Programme of Japanese Studies

  1. Acquired a broad understanding of Japanese society, culture, and language
  2. Mastered knowledge in a specialized field of Japanese studies
  3. Developed the ability to integrate approaches and concepts from more than one area of study in analyzing Japan or your own society
  4. Developed critical thinking, analytical, and problem solving skills
  5. Learned to work effectively in teams and developed leadership skills
  6. Developed the ability to communicate effectively using Japanese language in context
  7. Acquired the ability to express your views in oral and written form using well constructed arguments and by presenting evidence
  8. Developed attitudes that facilitate life-long learning and continuous improvement
  9. Acquired cross-cultural competencies in relation to Japan and your own society and a high degree of appreciation for Japanese and other cultures, and tolerance of cultural and intellectual diversity
  10. Become a socially responsible person with a global perspective