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1997 Graduate

Chief Executive Officer, Ltd.

When I was in CU, I had my first part-time job working for an ISP founded by my elder brother. Eventually, it has become the largest enterprise ISP in Hong Kong and we sold it in 1998. One year later, I started my second company. Today, we have a turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Reporters always ask why I chose JAS. They wonder why an entrepreneur in IT/Telecom would pursue an arts degree. To me, university is the place that gives me exposures and teaches me self-learning. The world changes every day. We are always facing new changes. Self-learning is the key to succeed.

JAS’s exchange programme hugely influenced my life. If I didn’t go to Tokyo, I would not learn about Internet as early as in 1994 and became fascinated by it. That’s why I put most of my time in my first job. Knowing the changes earlier than the others also gives one an advantage. More importantly, exposure makes you more confident and capable of self-learning. Living alone in a new place completely changes your lifestyle, giving you more time/chance to think and learn things beyond Hong Kong. You also have to face all problems/challenges by yourself. Facing the unknown and making decisions confidently are important in our whole lives. JAS’s exchange programme brought a very positive impact to my life and career path. I believe it will have the same impact on you.