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Between September 2011 and August 2012, I was in Tokyo University of Foreign Studies for an exchange. Apart from improving my Japanese language proficiency through regular courses, I also participated in many different activities and events inside and outside the university, such as Gakuensai, Mochi making class and Ski training. My exchange life was colorful and full of joy.

I joined the Kyudo club. Through the club, I learnt Japanese traditional culture as well as the way to build personal relationships. Although I was an exchange student, I worked with other members to run the club. I had an extra-curricular life same as Japanese University students. On the other hand, I also had opportunities to meet the senior graduates of the club, as well as students from other universities.

If I did not go to Japan for an exchange, I would not have the experiences of joining train camps in Nagano, drawing a bow in Nippon Budokan, nor going to Nagoya for a competition. Including all mentioned above, everything I gained during my stay in Japan are my treasures. I believe all those will be beneficial to my life.