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Japanese Language Tasting



Why you should take JASP1350 as your first experience of learning Japanese language?


It covers only 7 topics in elementary Japanese language, NOT difficult!


These 7 topics cover important knowledge for students to fulfill the basic communication need with Japanese people for purposes like traveling and making friends. 


It is a 1-unit course without alphabet grading (‘DI’ (Distinction) or ‘PA’ (Pass) grading only).  It will NOT affect your overall GPA!


The total number of contact hours is about 13 hours which is much less than most of the traditional beginner’s level elementary Japanese language courses.


It is an online course with NO textbook, exercise and examination in PAPER format.  The assessment method is ONE online final examination ONLY.  ALL questions in exercises and final examination are in multiple choice format (NO composition and oral question).  EASY for students to answer!!!


ALL course materials are stored in JASP1350 KEEP (Course website: https://moodle.cuhk.keep.edu.hk/course/view.php?id=85).  Students can use your own mobile device(s) (e.g. smartphone, notebook computer, i-Pad, etc.) to access the course materials ANYWHERE and ANYTIME when you have internet connection around you.  


NO CLASSROOM learning is required.  It is NOT necessary for students to attend class in the campus.  Needless to say, students can take the final examination ANYTIME and ANYWHERE they prefer. 


This course covers both basic Japanese language content and daily life Japanese culture topics in Japan. 


NO tutition fee for this course is required.



Come and join us NOW! 


Course Outline:


Register JASP1350 and experience the fun of learning Japanese language today!  Looking forward to seeing you all soon!