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The main things that attracted me to study Japanese Studies were the teaching quality of the department, its global perspective and reputation. I think the most rewarding thing about studying Japanese Studies has been being exposed to so many passionate professors/instructors working in various academic fields. Many of my professors and instructors have been inspirational through the passion with which they discussed their research and their enthusiasm for teaching.

Department of Japanese Studies has offered me an innovative program which integrated Japanese language and Asian studies with the theory and practice of communication. The degree programme facilitated students to combine the study of language, linguistics, culture and business which enabled me to develop a broad perspective on Japanese language, culture and communication. The one-year exchange programme indeed offered me a priceless opportunity to pursue an in-depth study of Japanese culture and language.

Studying Japanese Studies at CUHK was a good stepping stone in life, giving me a strong academic background and work ethic, along with a diverse and dynamic network of friends and acquaintance. I am pleased that I graduated with skills in Japanese language and culture and also in communication – both areas of increasing importance and potential within the public sector and private enterprises in Hong Kong and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.