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Course List


Course Code Course Title Unit(s)
JASP1010 Introduction to Japanese Studies I 3
JASP1050 Field Research Methods 3
JASP1090 Understanding Japan 3
JASP1100 Japanese Culture and Society 3
JASP1120 Understanding Japanese Language and Culture 3
JASP1130 Chinese-Japanese-Korean Movies: Appreciation and Comparison 3
JASP1140 Understanding Japanese Culture and Society Through Movies 3
JASP1150 Trends and Ideologies in Japanese-European-American Movies 3
JASP1160 Japanese Popular Culture in Cultural Globalization 3
JASP1170 The Japanese Environment: Destruction and Conservation 3
JASP1180 Modern Sino-Japanese Relations 3
JASP1450 New Practical Japanese I 3
JASP1460 New Practical Japanese II 3
JASP1470 New Comprehensive Japanese I 3
JASP1480 New Comprehensive Japanese II 3
JASP1490 Japanese Pronunciation I 1
JASP2000 Japanese Speech Improvement Strategies 3
JASP2100 Japan and Asian Creative Industries 3
JASP2200 Introduction to Japanese Animation, Comics and Game 3
JASP2400 Culture of Japanese Mass Media 3
JASP2450 New Practical Japanese III 3
JASP2460 New Practical Japanese IV 3
JASP2470 New Comprehensive Japanese III 5
JASP2480 New Comprehensive Japanese IV 5
JASP2490 Japanese Pronunciation II 1
JASP2510 Cultures of Love in Modern Japan 3
JASP2520 Gender and Sexuality in Japan 3
JASP2600 Japanese Management 3
JASP2720 Japanese Literature 3
JASP2800 Japan’s International Relations 3
JASP2810 Japan in East Asian Politics: Visions of the Regional Integration 3
JASP2820 Introduction to Japanese Economy 3
JASP2910 The History of 20th Century Japan 3
JASP3110 The Construction of Japanese Ethnic and Cultural Identity 3
JASP3120 Japanese Traditional Culture and Modern Society 3
JASP3180 Practical Business Japanese 3
JASP3210 History of Economic Development of Japan 3
JASP3310 Japanese Reading 3
JASP3320 Spoken Japanese 3
JASP3330 Japanese Composition 3
JASP3340 Japanese Improvement Strategies- Vocabularies, Grammar, Listening and Reading 3
JASP3350 Japanese-Chinese Translation 3
JASP3360 Chinese-Japanese Translation 3
JASP3370 Japanese-English Translation 3
JASP3380 English-Japanese Translation 3
JASP3390 Japanese Through Media 3
JASP3430 Japan and Hong Kong 3
JASP3470 Japanese Youth Cultures in Asia 3
JASP3500 World War Two on Japanese, Chinese and American Screens 3
JASP3600 Intermediate Japanese through Listening and Reading 3
JASP3700 Japanese Language and Society 3
JASP3800 Japanese Philosophy 3
JASP4100 Japanese Dialectology 3
JASP4110 Anthropological Studies of Japanese Culture 3
JASP4180 Advanced Business Japanese 3
JASP4220 Special Topics in Japanese Economy 3
JASP4310 Advanced Japanese Improvement Strategies – Reading 3
JASP4330 Advanced Japanese Composition I 3
JASP4350 Advanced Japanese-Chinese Translation 3
JASP4360 Advanced Chinese-Japanese Translation 3
JASP4370 Advanced Japanese-English Translation 3
JASP4380 Advanced English-Japanese Translation 3
JASP4390 Advanced Spoken Japanese 3
JASP4410 Studies in Modern Japanese Literature 3
JASP4420 Japanese Language and Classical Japanese Literature 3
JASP4440 Advanced Japanese Improvement Strategies – Grammar and Listening 3
JASP4450 Advanced Japanese Through Media 3
JASP4510 Advanced Japanese Writing 3
JASP4520 Advanced Japanese Writing for the Professions 3
JASP4601 Field Research-Based Project I 3
JASP4602 Field Research-Based Project II 3
JASP4710 Japanese Linguistics 3
JASP4720 Error Analysis of Hong Kong Japanese Learners 3
JASP5052 Linguistic Research and Japanese Language Teaching 3