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Notice of taking JASP1450/1460
日本研究學系 JASP1450/1460 選修新實用日語注意事項

Some students expressed their opinions that we should not allow those students who have already passed Japanese-Language Proficiency Test to take JASP1450/1460. In order to be fair for the students of beginner level, we would like to draw your attention for the following point:

Students, who have passed Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1-N5 levels or Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination
(Japanese), are not allowed to take JASP1450/1460. For these students, please consider to take the courses of higher levels.

有同學意見指出,不應該容許已經考取日語能力試資格的同學修讀 JASP1450/1460。

已經取得日語能力試 N1-N5 資格或者是香港中學文憑考試 (日語科)
的合格成績的同學不可修讀 JASP1450/1460。有基礎的同學請選修其

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